Many iPhone apps work in the rotated, landscape view, but an increasing number go beyond a simple rotated, wider version of the vertical UI. Some, like i. TV (below, left) and Evernote (below, right), offer a unique layout or tools when in landscape view.

When an iPhone is held in portrait view, i. TV displays a list of channels and the current show they have on. In landscape view, i. TV switches to a multi-hour channel and show grid akin to TV Guide or other traditional TV listing. Tapping a show in this grid view displays a popup window with a brief overview and a button to switch to the show’s full “showcard” with more features and tools.

In portrait view, Evernote displays a flat list of your notes that can be organized by date, notebook, city (based on geotagging metadata), date updated, and more. But in landscape view, Evernote switches to a side-scrolling thumbnail view of your notes, allowing you to visually flick through your notes and even tap-and-hold to preview titles.