A good number of you recent readers are following Finer Things in Mac in your favorite feed reader at feeds.feedburner.com/FinerThingsMac. To you, I say: thank you very much for reading, and you are always welcome to submit your own handy tips and appreciated polish for your favorite Mac apps.

Due to a technical quirk over the last couple of months, however, I also must announce that we’ve been serving up the wrong RSS feed for you to follow, and that feed will be retired soon. Sorry about that.

The correct feed for this site is feeds.feedburner.com/finermac. If I can ask a favor of you, please update your feed reader to this feed at your earliest convenience. And if I set things up properly, this should be the last post you see in the /FinerThingsMac feed, but Finer Things in Mac will keep trekking on. We’d love for you to continue with us.

As always, thanks for reading.

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