Let’s be honest: separately, Finer Things in iPhone and Finer Things in iPad are awesome. But what if their forces were united into a single, much awesomer Finer Things in iOS? Together, they could be unstoppable!

I’m thinking seriously about doing this to simplify management, make it easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for, and admittedly cheaper to get one great premium theme. In fact, I’ve already bought the theme and applied it to this site (Calidor), in which case I’m hoping to just roll Finer/iPad over, redirect all the URLs to iOS.finerthingsin.com, then spend some time and money to really spice up the place. That’s the plan, anyway.

But I’ll only do this if you sexy readers give it your blessing and promise to keeping visiting and clicking all over the place. In that case, would you mind hopping over to the Finer Things in Tech Facebook Page to answer my public poll? Please do that instead of comment or reply in the Tumblr Dashboard.

Sidenote: yes, there’s a Finer Things in Tech Facebook Page, and one for Mac, too. I’ll create one for the iOS devices just as soon as we get this all settled.