Attention all you marvelous Finer Readers: after lots of feedback and a couple of polls, the vast majority of you voted that I should combine the Finer Things in iPhone and iPad sites. As of this post, it has been done.

The details

The new site is Finer Things in iOS. It features an all-new dual-core flux capacitor and is up to three times more awesome than the previous iPhone and iPad sites. Here are the vitals:

  • The new URL is
  • The previous iPhone and iPad URLs will redirect to the new one, though post permalinks won’t. There was just too much overhead involved

The Twitters

I auto-publish posts from all Finer Things sites to separate Twitter accounts for the Twitter-is-my-RSS folks in the audience. I don’t monitor those feeds accounts for responses though, so if you want to get in touch, catch me at @chartier or hit the Ask or email links on each site. As for how I handled the Finer Things iOS Twitter accounts:

  • The new Twitter account is @FineriOS, though if you follow @FineriPhone, have no fear because you are now following @FineriOS. I changed the username, I didn’t create an entirely new account
  • If you follow @FineriPad, you have my blessing to stop following that and start following @FineriOS
  • To everyone else who wasn’t following @FineriPhone: why not? Don’t you think it’s time you start following @FineriOS? I definitely think it’s about time

The feeds

If you’re the feed reader type:

  • The new feed will live at The majority of you use Google Reader, and I think I used some Feedburner trickery to get Google Reader to automatically pick up on the change from /fineriphone to /fineriOS, but it couldn’t hurt to (re)subscribe
  • I’m not sure how any other feed readers, including Safari and NetNewsWire, will handle a feed change. If you use something besides Google Reader, you might want to just resubscribe anyway

The future

The previously separate Finer Things of iOS sites have joined forces to become one harmonious site of all things iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Let us rejoice and tell all our friends to bookmark and subscribe and tell all their friends. I’m looking to spend more time on these sites and love to see your submissions flowing in.

As always, thanks for reading.