More and more readers are asking for ways to follow just the topics they want on Finer Things sites, and I’m happy to oblige!

Bookmark tags

One thing you can do is bookmark specific tags, because I try to stay pretty organized and thorough when tagging all posts and reader submissions. If you’re a nut for OS X icons, you can visit Finer Things in Mac, click any post tagged icons, and read about all the slick little stuff Apple and third-party developers pack into those tiny buggers.

Same goes for iPhone and iPad apps at Finer Things in iOS. A lot of people have asked for a way to follow just the iPhone since they don’t own an iPad, or vice versa since they don’t have an iPhone. That’s why I’m using the iPhone apps and iPad apps tags and added them to the main site navigation.

If you have ideas for more tags you’d like to see, let us know or submit a post.

Follow tag feeds

Every Tumblr site offers an RSS feed you can toss into Google Reader, Fever, and any other RSS/feed/newsreader. But a little-known trick of Tumblr is that it also does feeds for tags. Simply add /rss to the end of any tag URL to turn it into a feed you can follow. For example:

Naturally, the Finer Things sites are on Twitter and Facebook as well, so you can follow there too (find ‘Follow Us’ links in the sidebar)! Let us know if you have any more ideas for these sites, and thanks for reading!

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