From the official blog of Due, a great Mac and iOS alarm app with some clever features like reminders that can go off every minute until you get off your butt, snooze buttons for 10 minutes or an hour, and a one-tap “postpone this until tomorrow” button. Turns out Due has yet another slick trick up its sleeve:

I’m hopeless at time conversion. Thankfully, the natural date parser in Due understands timezone.

If I thought 10 AM made a good time for an announcement, I could schedule a reminder to do a retweet at 10 AM PDT for users in the West Coast, or 10 AM EDT for users in the East, just by typing that directly into the reminder.

Due would then automatically* convert the time to your local time in the reminder’s due date.

The trick also works on the iOS version, you just need to tap on a confirmation button that appears when entering time this way.