Facebook is building and gradually rolling out a new feature in beta called Graph Search. It will allow you to perform useful searches like “my friends who like Game of Thrones” or “the most like pubs in Dublin from residents of Dublin.”

Once you get into the beta, Facebook can present a tour of how Graph Search works (or you can dismiss and skip it). If you go through the tour, it uses your own data to show how Graph Search can be useful, and animates the whole experiences. A typical query is typed letter by letter into the new search box for you—in my case “my friends who went to University of Colorado at Denver”—while typical suggestions appear in real-time as you type. Arrows appear with text boxes to highlight a few key features.

The whole process is only a few steps so as to not throw too much at the user. It’s also worth noting that, with the rollout of Graph Search, Facebook finally redesigned its toolbar icons (Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications) for retina resolutions.