Turns out this feature isn’t exclusive to Ulysses, it’s provided to document-based apps by OS X. You can try it out in Typed from Realmac and Apple’s own TextEdit (File > Revert To). Oh well, it’s still a great feature, and Ulysses is still a great app. Thanks to Jesper in the comments for the heads up!

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Ulysses for Mac and iPad from The Soulmen GbR has become one of my two go-to writing apps for much of my work. It has a ton of great features beyond the scope of this post, but today I want to highlight its ability to step back through versions of your documents, Time Machine style.

While you write in Ulysses, it creates periodic backups of your documents (the iPad version does too). If you want to look at previous versions and possibly restore one, use File > Browse All Versions.

Ulysses will enter a Time Machine-like view, displaying your current version on the left, and a stack of all available versions on the right. You can step back through previous versions, view what’s different, and restore one if it’s time to roll back your writing.

You can also copy portions of previous documents, if that’s all you need, and paste them into your current version.

Ulysses for Mac and iPad are seriously great, and well worth their prices (an iPhone version is in the works). A free Mac trial is available at (the bottom of) The Soulmen GbR’s website, and you can support Finer Things in Tech by buying them through my affiliate links here.

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