The wired camera arrived, a full retail unit with a box and all the extras to boot. In fact, I double-checked the box and their original response with instructions. They never stated that I need to ship the wireless version back, and I have neither instructions nor even an address to do so. I guess I get to keep it. Color me impressed.

Earlier this year, Logitech announced wired and wireless versions of Circle 2, its home security camera. They’re weatherproof, have a lot of clever mounting solutions, and are dead-simple to set up. Logitech also promised HomeKit support would arrive in an update shortly after launch.

In full admission, I made the mistake of preordered a wireless Circle 2 camera based on Logitech’s promise. I figured it was a large, established company, so this wasn’t exactly like betting on a Kickstarter from an unproven “I just quit my job to make a thing” person.

About two months ago, the camera arrived right on time. I briefly set it up to make sure I liked the app and it would fit my needs. Everything checked out, so I waited for HomeKit support.

Good news: HomeKit arrived pretty quickly.

Bad news: only for the wired version. It seems wireless is SOL, based on a request or restriction imposed by Apple.

Last week, I got around to emailing Logitech about my situation, and requesting a swap to a wired version. I explained that my wireless has been sitting on a bookshelf since day one, so it was in perfect condition. I figured I had about a 40/60 chance of getting the swap. After all, I fully admit I was outside the initial return policy.

To my delight, Logitech responded with offering the swap. I need to send some details about my purchase and serial number, and we’ll get under way.

I’ll update you once the swap is hopefully made. But so far this has been a great solution to an unfortunate hiccup.


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