Great app for great social media. The big hitters are that we can create lists of hashtags to follow and a great redesign of the share sheet. Some handy QoL updates across the board, too. Full changes at the bottom.

Hashtag lists

These are solid. You can exclude tags, watch just your local instance, and limit results to media. I had a couple hashtag lists set up in the web UI to watch for stuff like video game conversations, photography, and announcements from apps I care about. It’ll be nice to have those in Ivory now, where I spend 99% of my Mastodon time. Although, technically, that last list is just a regular list of accounts like @Iconfactory, @CARROT, and @drafts.

Share sheet

This redesign is quite welcome, but it seems like they dropped the feature that helped with hashtags. It had wonky behavior before, like resetting the keyboard’s display when starting a tag, so I don’t blame them. Would be nice if they can bring it back with more polish later, though.

Go get Ivory

It’s free to try, though I forget where the paywalls start. Plans are:

  • $1.99/month for iPhone + iPad
  • $14.99/year for iPhone + iPad
  • $24.99/year for iPhone + iPad + Mac

I’ve had the + Mac plan since they launched and been quite happy. Ivory’s a great app. Go get it.

Ivory 2.0 for Mastodon what’s new

  • Hashtag Lists! You can now add up to 4 hashtags to a list to create custom hashtag-based timelines.
  • Redesigned Hashtags Tab. Better organization so it’s easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Brand new Share Sheet Extension! We know it wasn’t a very high bar to improve it.
  • New media view in post details.
  • New Behavior to change context menu order. You know those menus that pop up in reverse order depending on where the button is on screen? Well now you can set it the way you prefer and can stop yelling at us in frustration!
  • Added subtle shadow to media overlay buttons for better visibility on light images.
  • Added option (hold down on link) to force open URL in Ivory if you know it is an ActivityPub URL, but Ivory can’t detect it.
  • Fixed the disappearing drafts bug (we hope!)
  • Fixed the issue with uploading vertical video.
  • Improvements to video uploads.
  • Fixed the bug where searching for certain strings would cause a crash.
  • Bug fixes related to opening links in Ivory or in Safari instead.
  • Various other bug fixes