Wind power makes the ground warmer even as it cools the planet | Ars Technica

Ars covers an interesting experiment from a “high-resolution” weather mode: if the…

Google is losing users’ trust – Slate

Matthew Green at Slate, after Google changed a default Chrome feature to…

On finally understanding The Matrix sequels – Just Write

“The great thing about art is that, while it stays the same, you don’t.” – A letter about Google AMP

Google AMP is bad for the web and bad for us. Please don’t use it.

📱💻 Using a Commonplace Book to catalog your life’s journey, influences, and more

What if we had not just a diary to look back on, but a tome of all the events, ideas, quotes, observations, and more that shaped our lives, who we are, and who we become?

Writing Links: Apple Watch App Dock tip, roundup for Mac Observer

Links to a couple pieces I wrote for Mac Observer, exploring my deepening appreciation for the Apple Watch.

Link: New MacBook Pros and the state of the Mac

I have quibbles with some of the details, but there’s a strong consensus: Apple missed the mark today.