The daily App Store

Hats off to the App Store team on a great iOS 11 rethink.

How to easily find, get all your Apple TV apps

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iPhone 6S owners can peek and pop in the App Store

It’s a quick, useful way to check out an app, but I wish it offered shortcuts like other apps for sharing and the wishlist.

[Updated] The trouble with having two Apple IDs

Update Apple now has a feature called Family Sharing. Among other things, it allows for…

Apple and indies need to work together to improve App Store prices and buying culture

Milen Dzhumerov: Developers hope that due to price elasticity, they can stay…

The problem with iOS 8, Family Sharing, free apps, and how to fix it

If you used a shared iTunes Store account with your family, then opted into Family Sharing with iOS 8, you might not be able to download some apps or updates.

Apple already answered our requests for App Store upgrade pricing and demos

This conversation has come back around again, so maybe I can save…