It’s time to give Watch apps another chance

‪Series 4 and watchOS 5 feel like a breath of fresh air for a key aspect of the Watch that hasn’t lived up to its potential.‬

⌚️ watchOS 5 Tip: Fire, Water faces work on other series, can be cycled

I found a few extra features in the new watchOS 5 fire & ice faces. Plus, I thought they were only available to Series 4, but I have them on my Series 2.

Watch Anecdotes: People from the IL DMV and emissions offices

I love talking to regular, non-nerdy folks about how they use their tech. I think it’s a great way to get out of my industry perspective bubble.

⌚️ Apple Watch is a great remote trigger, viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera

Take better group and timed photos by using your Apple Watch as a remote trigger.

Things 3 has kick-butt Siri support, including on Watch

We can add tasks directly to our chosen apps now, thanks to iOS 11 and watchOS 4. 👍🏻✅

The iTunes moment for Apple Watch

With Series 3, the Apple Watch gained a big step towards autonomy. But like the iPhone and iPad before iOS 5, it’s still tethered to another device.

Some thoughts after upgrading to an Apple Watch series 2

I upgraded from my original series 0 Apple Watch, and wow is it an improvement to just about everything I do.