Google killed brevity in YouTube videos, and we helped

The length of YouTube videos has exploded across every genre—essays, how-tos, reviews,…

Google Reader’s death gave life back to RSS newsreaders

In Reader’s absence, the market has flourished with ideas, variety, and potential.

Google is losing users’ trust – Slate

Matthew Green at Slate, after Google changed a default Chrome feature to… – A letter about Google AMP

Google AMP is bad for the web and bad for us. Please don’t use it.

Google Contributor could succeed where Readability failed at supporting creators

Google Congributor is an interesting new experiement for contributing directly and easily to websites. It’s just what we need.

The never-ending transaction

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and all companies that follow their lead will never stop changing the rules of what they do with your information. They can’t.

Thoughts on and options for deleting your Google account

I’m tired of being uncomfortable about Google as a business and how it avoids helping regular people, so I did something about it.