A hope for an iCloud announcement next week

This might be a stretch, but I hope that recent iCloud hiccups mean something for next week’s event.

Apple Maps tip: Mark places as Favorites to easily see, search for them

This will make your favorite places appear at the top of search results and always on the map at certain zoom levels.

iOS 10: The iCloud app extension is totally broken, we need Apple's help

This new view for Apple’s iCloud file manager creates a significant usability problem for anyone with even a modest collection of folders and projects.

From Dropbox to iCloud Drive: An Unexpected Experiment

I’m paying for too many clouds, so I’m trying something new to see if I can simplify and save money.

Hot damn I love Ulysses, a writing app for iPad and Mac

For my general writing needs these days, I’ve settled on Ulysses for iPad and Mac. It’s just damn good and worth every penny. Here are just a few of my favorite things.

A list of all the other things iCloud syncs

Apple tells you a number of things that iCloud syncs between devices…

How to swap iPhones and not lose Apple Watch data

When you unpair an Apple Watch from an iPhone, your iPhone creates…