Reasons to quit Twitter and Facebook and switch to Mastodon

These companies poison us and our communities for profit. It’s time to go elsewhere.

There is a good variety of alternatives to Instagram

It isn’t easy to move a social circle to a new platform. But as there seems to be no end to the problems, scandals, lax policies, and downright malicious intent of the current dominant social platforms, I think it’s time to start looking for more ethical and healthier alternatives.

We are losing control of our data in the mobile age

Apps have never been more powerful or accessible. But they also have never been more imcompatible or proprietary, and a new generation may grow up with no concept of their data being _their data_.

Instagram permalink pages are gorgeous now

Instagram permalink pages are gorgeous now The previous permalink pages were, you…

How to get to your Camera Roll fast in Instagram

If you want to share a photo you’ve already shot on Instagram,…

SuperAlbum can share Facebook, Flickr, Twitter photos between services

First of all, if you’re not using SuperAlbum yet, you should. It’s a…
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