How and why to customize Spotlight search in iOS

Spotlight became even more useful and easier to access in iOS 7, and you can customize its results for even more speed.

The hidden problem with killing apps in iOS 7

In iOS 7, Apple finally gave us much more background multitasking, but killing apps has become even more problematic.

You can set up an Apple TV by touching it with an iPhone or iPad

This simple, hidden feature saves a ton of hunt-n-peck typing to setup a new or existing Apple TV.

Touch ID: Settings can identify which fingers you enabled

Useful for the forgetful among us.

iOS 7: Swipe anywhere on the camera to switch modes

It’s a faster way to get just the type of shot you want.

Apple’s default iOS wallpapers are categorized

It’s a simple way to offer the best three default wallpapers across a total of nine categories.

Safari for iOS can use a custom folder for Unified Search Bar Favorites

Safari for iOS can display your favorite bookmarks when you tap the Unified Search Bar, and you can pick which folder it uses.