3D Touch is the new Option key

Holding the option key on your Mac can reveal new menu options and trigger time-saving features. It was fun exploring those hidden perks, and now that torch has passed to 3D Touch on iOS.

The iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts window is contextual, depending on task

This is a clever way to make shortcuts more accessible on iOS versus a Mac, and help users learn what they need based on the things they do.

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iOS has evolved in amazing ways over the years, and I want to look back at the major end-user features that made a big difference in the ways we work and play.

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Split View, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture are some of my favorite new features in iOS 9. Here are the ways to trigger each, as well as the best tips I’ve found so far for getting the most out of them.

iOS 9: iPad can do Split View + Picture in Picture, plus a bonus tip

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