A brief list of major features far too many iPad apps still don’t support

Essential iPad features as old as iOS 9 still have not seen the broad adoption we need.

A quick list of new iPadOS features that (mostly) weren’t mentioned on stage

There are a *lot* of major and ‘big little’ changes coming in iPadOS. Here are some of my favorite picks.

📱 Quick skip between Spotlight result groups on iPad

A simple, fast shortcut to find just the result you need.

An update on my Brydge Keyboard for iPad

TL;DR: It’s a really nice keyboard and I recommend it. But I use my iPad for a few things outside Brydge’s scope, so I returned mine.

You can scroll the Files app menu on iPad

Just tap Show More. This is a pretty handy way to quickly…

Rethinking app organization because of iOS 11

The new Dock in iOS 11 opens up some big new doors for organizing your apps and keeping many more of them at the flick of your fingertips.

iOS 11 multitasking for iPad and the case for new muscle memory

Apple has been iterating on iPad multitasking the last couple of years. iOS 11 blows the roof off all these improvements, and for good reason.