The iTunes moment for Apple Watch

With Series 3, the Apple Watch gained a big step towards autonomy. But like the iPhone and iPad before iOS 5, it’s still tethered to another device.

iTunes Extras for movies work on iOS

I’m not sure how long this has been the case (maybe iOS 8?), but I stumbled across iTunes Extras for Guardians of the Galaxy on my iPhone.

How to use iTunes 12 to quickly copy iOS app icons [Updated]

It can be tough to find app icons for blog posts and other uses. But a simple iTunes trick and your favorite image editor makes it easy.

iTunes can sync Digital Booklets to iBooks on iOS

Finally, a way to take all those iTunes Store music album booklets mobile.

iTunes: Save some space by deleting the SD versions of your HD films

iTunes used to download both the SD and HD versions of purchased films. If you don’t need those SD copies, deleting them could save some space.

How To: An Automator action to eject iTunes and your media drive at once

I wrote a few tips for Chris Seibold‘s book, Mac Hacks: Tips &…

iTunes 11 added a ‘Home Videos’ category

iTunes 11 added a new “Home Videos” category to help you separate…