A flaw and solution for iMessage group conversations

Group iMessage conversations can get quite notification-y. There’s a partial solution in place, but it might require chat friends to tweak their behavior.

You can use your email for iMessage, plus it’s more identifiable

You can add additional email addresses to your iCloud/iMessage account, which brings some extra perks to texting and email.

What's wrong with iMessage?

The iPhone was five years ahead of the competition. I believe that, even with iOS 10, iMessage is five years behind its messaging competition.

Messages for Mac: Display avatars, disable alerts per-conversation

I don’t know how long these options have been there, but the…

Messages for Mac: Quick Look all media from the current conversation

Click a piece of media or shared location in a Messages and…

Project Amy makes App.net private messages feel right at home in Messages for Mac

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