💻 Mail: Open messages in Split View when in full screen

When in full screen, Mail for Mac has an option to open messages and drafts in a separate Split View. It maximizes your full screen mail triage real estate.

My productivity cadence

Shifting between two unique ways to get things done has been oddly satisfying lately.

Things 3 after 5 months

I think I finally found a task app that doesn’t make me turn into a contortionist.

📱 How to make Notification Center your “inbox for apps”

I don’t want to be ruled by push notifications. But I found a great way to make them useful without being intrusive. Maybe this can help you, too.

Slack _can_ be hard, but a little planning can do wonders

Some are starting to wonder if Slack is more of a trend than the powerful, enabling tool that it can be. But spending a little time to set up a guide can do wonders for your organization and Slack’s effectiveness in it.

Dispatch iOS email app has shortcuts for working with other apps

   Dispatch, a feature-packed email app and my daily driver, now supports…

iPad: Tips for Split View and watching videos with Picture in Picture

Split View, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture are some of my favorite new features in iOS 9. Here are the ways to trigger each, as well as the best tips I’ve found so far for getting the most out of them.