📱💻 How to close all Safari tabs at once

A quick shortcut to save a ton of time and clear the slate, as it were.

Long-press Safari buttons to recover the past, save bookmarks

Get quick access in Safari to closed tabs, bookmarking, and more with a couple simple gestures.

Safari for iOS can search text on the current page

This is useful for research, quickly skimming a page for that one word you need… tons of stuff.

iOS 8: Safari can request desktop websites

Many sites serve a mobile version to Safari. In iOS 8, you now have the option to request the desktop site.

Safari for iOS can use a custom folder for Unified Search Bar Favorites

Safari for iOS can display your favorite bookmarks when you tap the Unified Search Bar, and you can pick which folder it uses.

iOS 7: Safari, Mail (and other apps?) get keyboard shortcuts

Safari, Mail, and possibly other apps gained external keyboard shortcuts in iOS…