📱💻 Safari can translate webpages without a plugin

Basic translation tools are built right into Safari on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

📱 Safari: How to quickly open links in new tabs

This should save you some time instead of long-tapping for the context menu.

📱💻 Drag links in Safari to open them in a new background tab

This is just excellent.

📱💻 How to close all Safari tabs at once

A quick shortcut to save a ton of time and clear the slate, as it were.

iOS 10 Safari: Close all tabs at once

A simple new way to clear your browsing canvas and start anew, like when the world was young.

On the conflict between Safari content blockers and Apple News in iOS 9

Dave Mark has a good roundup of comments from publishers and advertisers…

El Capitan: Pin your most-used tabs in Safari for easy access, pretty icons

In OS X El Capitan, due out this fall and now in…