iOS: How to customize Spotlight search and make results more focused, useful

Spotlight can now search inside your apps and take you straight to your data instead of to a webpage. But you might need to customize it to get the results you want and start saving time.

Safari for iOS can search text on the current page

This is useful for research, quickly skimming a page for that one word you need… tons of stuff.

Mail search on iOS can target dates, flags, specific contacts, and more

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Spotlight search on iOS 7 is pretty darn useful

It’s so easy to overlook Spotlight in iOS, especially since it “isn’t…

Tips for searching faster with Phlo for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

My favorite search utility is Phlo for iPhone and iPad, and it…

Phlo is a fast multi-search utility that syncs between iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Phlo is a really useful multi-search utility for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that packs some great tricks for searching everywhere faster.

Search all text on a Safari page, skip through results with keyboard shortcuts

I’m on a search kick today, so here’s one for the Mac:…