📱💻 Quickly find features and shortcuts with your keyboard on iPad, Mac

These are great tricks to keep your hands on the keyboard and stay productive, even if you’re not sure about the shortcut or feature you need.

📱 Apple Maps: Use 3D Touch on recent search results to call, open homepage, share

3D Touch is useful in so many apps, including Apple’s own Maps.

The iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts window is contextual, depending on task

This is a clever way to make shortcuts more accessible on iOS versus a Mac, and help users learn what they need based on the things they do.

iPhone 6S owners can peek and pop in the App Store

It’s a quick, useful way to check out an app, but I wish it offered shortcuts like other apps for sharing and the wishlist.

iPad: An easy way to swap between on-screen and hardware keyboards

Many iPad keyboards have a dedicated button to show the on-screen software…

Dispatch iOS email app has shortcuts for working with other apps

   Dispatch, a feature-packed email app and my daily driver, now supports…

iOS 9: An unordered list of my favorite big and small features so far

iOS 9 has some pretty great new features and tweaks all over…