📱💻 Slack tip: You can unsubscribe from threads

Finally, an easy way out. Though I wish this was more apparent.

The problem with Slack’s approach to accounts versus Discord

Slack and Discord are similar services that started with different target audiences. But as tech folks increasingly adopted Slack for casual communities, I’ve grown frustrated with it.

Slack _can_ be hard, but a little planning can do wonders

Some are starting to wonder if Slack is more of a trend than the powerful, enabling tool that it can be. But spending a little time to set up a guide can do wonders for your organization and Slack’s effectiveness in it.

Slack for iOS can open Google Doc links in their actual apps

Slack for iOS can open Google Doc links directly in their relevant apps.…

A bunch of tips to make Slack even awesomer

Seriously, Slack is the cat’s bananas. I’m in three teams so I’ve…