Goodbye, Twitter

Nothing lasts forever, I can’t support that company anymore, and it’s time for a change and to re-focus.

There is a good variety of alternatives to Instagram

It isn’t easy to move a social circle to a new platform. But as there seems to be no end to the problems, scandals, lax policies, and downright malicious intent of the current dominant social platforms, I think it’s time to start looking for more ethical and healthier alternatives.

A simple way to ease social media anxiety, use it as a positive, healthy distraction

These days, social media can often be a nightmare. Here’s a simple way to use it as a good, healthy distraction.

Tumblr released a big Markdown editor update

Looks like Tumblr is on a text editor roll. After that big…

Tumblr shows off new text styling, media features with, naturally, a GIF

Tumblr recently added a whole bunch of text styling and media features.…

Tumblr now lets you watch videos on the side

Videos in the Tumblr dashboard now have a gray arrow icon at their…

Tumblr redesigns the iOS photo picking process, adds a live camera

Tumblr for iOS got a huge upgrade and redesign recently. One of its…