I’d like to thank the fine folks at Oomph Inc for being my relaunch sponsors for Finer Things in Tech and DavidChartier.com. They make Sidekick, a great utility for automating your Mac based on your location. I’ve been using Sidekick since it was called NetworkLocation, and it’s great. When you get to, say, work or your local coffee shop, Sidekick can change your default printer, enable password protection on your screensaver, toggle hardware settings, open and close apps, and change your iChat status—all automatically. Sidekick even has a plugin architecture so you can build your own or install pre-built plugins for rooSwitch, Adium, Microsoft Outlook, and 1Password, which I also do work for. Scroll down to the bottom of Sidekick’s site and click “See all the plugins.”

A free demo of Sidekick is available. When you realize how great it is, $29 seems like a steal.