If you’re considering an alternative to Evernote for keeping a journal or even a blogging client, MacJournal from Dan Schimpf is probably the best place to start. It’s a seasoned, more Mac-like app with a polished, unique feature set and excellent handling of media. This export AppleScript, built by Justin Lancy who isn’t affiliated with any of these companies, should help make the transition go smoothly.

Metadata like tags, location, and creation date should make the trip, but it isn’t a blanket “export all my Evernote notebooks into separate MacJournal, erm, journals” tool. But doing one notebook at a time probably wouldn’t be too tough: select all in an Evernote notebook, export, import into a new MacJournal journal. Rinse, repeat.

Bonus tip: one of my favorite tricks in MacJournal, and a feature I’m amazed more rich-text-friendly apps don’t offer, is the Edit > Copy as HTML option. This means you can write in rich text, not juggle preview modes or windows, and take advantage of all the great rich text editing features built into OS X (like Cmd-K to add a link to selected text), but then Select All and copy your piece to the clipboard for pasting into a web-based CMS.