I didn’t want to go through all this and write another one of these posts, honest. But after a switch to Squarespace 6 earlier this year, I decided it just was not the right service for me or Finer Things in Tech.

So back I am on WordPress, and this is where I’ll keep the site. Almost nothing has changed, though there are surely still some kinks to work out so please let me know if you find something out of place.

The one change out of my hands, of course, are the Finer Things RSS feeds. If you follow in a newsreader, you’ll have to update your feeds and I apologize for that. Fortunately, WordPress provides a feed for every category and even tag, and since I make sure to thoroughly organize and tag all posts, you can get pretty darn granular with the topics you follow.

As always, thanks for reading and putting up with all the construction dust. This is the last time for a long time I’ll be moving the site because I have some much bigger things coming that I’m really excited about. It’s time for me to stop hopping around and to start following through on the potential of Finer Things in Tech, so I’m going to do just that.

Stay tuned.