A small update on the newsletter

A change to publishing frequency and possibly the day should help me make a better newsletter for you.

Some recent changes to the newsletter

Nothing too major, but it’s doing well and I want to do more with it.

Introducing the Finer Things in Tech Patreon

I want to take my web writing and newsletter to the next level, and I need your help to do it.

Here's a sample of the Finer Things in Tech Newsletter

Newsletters are for email. But this is an article on the world wide webs. Perhaps I can bridge this divide and show you what I’m up to with my new newsletter!

The new Finer Things in Tech Newsletter debuts Monday, March 20

I realized I can't keep floating ideas or pouring over details or…

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Subscribe to Finer Things in Tech Flipboard Magazine. https://cdn.flipboard.com/web/buttons/js/flbuttons.min.js Flipboard a fantastic…

A new Finer Things in Tech, more posts, and a way you can help

Finer Things in Tech should look a little different today, starting with…