iCab Mobile, one of my favorite alternative browsers to Safari on iPhone and iPad, can search all text on the current page, as well as any search engine you want. It’s really useful when hunting for a specific topics, keywords, and phrases on large sites, help documents, news, and more.

To search all text on the current page, tap iCab’s search icon on the right of the top toolbar and type your query. But before you tap search, tap the “Search in current page” option just below the search box. Then tap search. Any matches will highlight orange on the page, and a draggable popover window will appear with a tally of matches and arrows to help you skip between them all.

Back in iCab’s search interface, notice that “Google” (the default) and the page search are not your only options. iCab has a bunch of engines built right in, including DuckDuckGo (known for not tracking its users), YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, IMDB, and more. If you tap iCab’s settings gear in the lower right, scroll to the “Edit Search Engines” section, then tap “New Search Engine,” you can add just about any engine you want as long as you know the engine’s search URL.

iCab Mobile is universal for iPhone and iPad and just $2 in the App Store.

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