Things 3 iPhone Siri RemindersThings 3 can automatically import tasks from Reminders, which includes those added by Siri. You can use the default Reminders list or tell Things to watch a specific list for new tasks. Once Things notices them, it will bring those tasks into your Inbox and delete them from Reminders.

It’s worth noting that, once iOS 11 ships this fall, Things 3 will integrate directly with Siri and no longer require Reminders as a proxy. It was demoed on-stage at WWDC 2017, and Cultured Code confirmed this on its blog. If you want to keep Reminders as a proxy for other workflows or integrations, though, they’ll keep this feature around.

But if you want Things 3 + Siri today, here’s how to enable it:

  • Open Things 3 on an iPhone or iPad
  • At the bottom of the sidebar, tap the Settings gear
  • Tap Siri
  • Tap Show Reminders switch to turn it on
  • A “List” option appears at the bottom
  • Choose whether you want Things to watch your default Reminders list (where Siri puts everything unless otherwise specified) or a specific list you created

Things 3 can only watch one Reminders list, so you’ll have to decide how you want your setup to work. Personally, I use the default Reminders list; I manage all tasks in Things 3 now, and almost never open Reminders.

But, if you choose to use one of your other Reminders lists, adding tasks with Siri is still pretty easy. Say you created a Reminders list called “Things” specifically for this purpose. Just say to Siri “add Finish the blog post to my Things list,” and your task will make its way to your Things 3 inbox.

I really like Things 3 for iPad, iPhone, and Mac so far, and I’ve switched all my personal task management to it. That includes planning Finer Things in Tech articles and the newsletter (to which you should totally subscribe!), as well as all of my Bit & Pen client tasks that don’t need the collaboration of something like Trello.

The iOS apps don’t have any sort of trial. But you can grab a Mac demo from Cultured Code.

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