Things 3 has kick-butt Siri support, including on Watch

We can add tasks directly to our chosen apps now, thanks to iOS 11 and watchOS 4. 👍🏻✅

How to add tasks to Things 3 with Siri and Reminders

Things 3 will get Siri support this fall. But this is a useful workaround in the meantime.

Use Siri, multiple Reminders lists to add items to AnyList for iPhone and iPad

I like AnyList’s integration for Siri and Reminders because it goes a step beyond what I’ve seen in most other apps. Also, it’s super useful.

macOS Sierra: Ask Siri to find files, turn results into a widget

Siri for Mac has a few unique tricks, like searching for “files I worked on last week” and opening specific folders.

Use Siri to add items to AnyList grocery shopping app

This third-party app is great for collaboratively organizing any kind of shopping list. Here’s a great way to use Siri to easily add items.

Siri understands a lot of different commands now. Like, a *lot*

You know when you trigger Siri, and there’s that little question mark…

iOS 8: Siri can rate the currently playing song

If you’re playing a song in Music, you can quickly ask Siri to rate it. There’s just one catch.