People don’t tap to focus and other things to learn from MKBHD’s third annual blind smartphone camera comparison

Over the last couple years, Marques Brownlee—MKBHD on YouTube—has ran a blind…

Get off of Twitter – Nolan Lawson

Write blog posts. Use RSS. Use Use Mastodon. Use Pleroma. Use whatever you want, as…

“You can be unethical and still be legal”

“That’s the way I live my life.” – Mark Zuckerberg, March 5, 2004

The case for trying Mastodon, a decentralized social network

Mastodon is a healthy and diverse community that’s built by and for people, not investors. Apps are welcome and your feed is chronological.

The case for editing tweets

It’s actually quite simple.

The science and documentary TV format doesn't hold up well in the age of streaming

The format has not aged well in a time of on-demand content, where TV commercials and ‘jumping back into the middle of a show’ basically don’t exist anymore.

The tech industry wants to use women’s voices – they just won't listen to them | The Guardian

For all its recent improvements, the tech industry still has a nasty blind…