“After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won”

Our system of email has been deliberately coopted by Big Tech players,…

Airmail for Mac supports Markdown (per account, too!)

Airmail for Mac (and iOS) is a powerful email app with lots…

OS X makes it easy to share with your most-contacted people

At the bottom of Apple’s share sheet on the Mac are the…

The Evernote Web Clipper can now clip Gmail threads

Evernote’s powerful browser extension just became even more useful to Gmail users.

Outlook.com has a new email “sweep” feature that’s pretty smart

It’s a quick, simple way to move or delete all messages from a sender, and even setup a schedule to effortlessly keep your inbox tidy.

Mail for Mac: Open an attachment, Share List lets you reply to the sender

When you open an attachment from Mail, the share list adds the…

Seven Finer Things about Dispatch, a great email client for iPhone

A great, third-party-friendly email app has gained some great features recently, so I rounded up some of the best Finer Things in Dispatch for iPhone.