"Activist Engineering"

“It’s our responsibility not to forsake the people who trust the apps we make with our silence.”

A new Finer Things in Tech, more posts, and a way you can help

Finer Things in Tech should look a little different today, starting with…

Please update your Finer Things in Tech RSS feeds—they’re moving!

Finer Things in Tech is getting a CMS overhaul, and all the feeds are changing. Please (re-)subscribe and tell all your friends and maybe even some strangers too!

The Evernote Web Clipper can now clip Gmail threads

Evernote’s powerful browser extension just became even more useful to Gmail users.

Introducing Finer Things in Tech Newsletters

I have some great stuff coming to Finer Things in Tech. This new batch of newsletters is just the first step, let me know what you think!

Xbox One: Setup Internet Explorer, Do Not Track is enabled by default

I wanted to try web browsing on my new Xbox One, and…

How to automatically save screenshots to Dropbox, share links

A couple of simple shortcuts