What if Messages in iCloud didn’t need the cloud?

Messages in iCloud is a clever, though flawed feature. What if our devices could handle these features directly on their own?

How to cut down on iMessage group chat notifications with mentions, hidden alerts, threads

Group chats are great, and iMessage is pretty great. But getting a…

A flaw and solution for iMessage group conversations

Group iMessage conversations can get quite notification-y. There’s a partial solution in place, but it might require chat friends to tweak their behavior.

You can use your email for iMessage, plus it’s more identifiable

You can add additional email addresses to your iCloud/iMessage account, which brings some extra perks to texting and email.

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As you may know, I now publish a weekly Finer Things in…

iMessage apps have become pretty interesting and useful

Now that iMessage apps have gotten better, they make it much, much easier to share content, links, and even functionality from other apps.

macOS: How to send iMessages without the Messages app open (Updated)

I’ve met some Mac users who want to be able to send iMessages without…