What's wrong with iMessage?

The iPhone was five years ahead of the competition. I believe that, even with iOS 10, iMessage is five years behind its messaging competition.

iOS now lets you report iMessage spam

Thanks to Apple’s recent iOS 8.3 update, you can now Report Junk…

Due lets you message, email, call contacts involved with your tasks

Don’t just check off tasks in a list, you should [sunglasses] Due them.

Have a very iMessage holiday

On December 24, 2012, I sent an iMessage to 108 people. It caused absolute mayhem for three weeks and turned into an incredible experience.

Messages for Mac: Quick Look all media from the current conversation

Click a piece of media or shared location in a Messages and…

iOS 7: Block incoming phone calls, iMessages, FaceTime requests [Updated]

A much-requested feature of not just mobile phones, but wireless carriers in general, finally arrives in iOS 7.

Share just about anything via iMessage, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook straight from the Finder

If your Mac is on 10.8 Mountain Lion, you can share just…