iOS 7: Double-tap the date and time picker to switch between minute increments

When creating an event in iOS 7, double-tapping the date & time…

iOS 7: Block incoming phone calls, iMessages, FaceTime requests [Updated]

A much-requested feature of not just mobile phones, but wireless carriers in general, finally arrives in iOS 7.

iOS 7 lets you download more language dictionaries

You can now download more dictionaries to define words from other languages on-the-fly.

iOS 7: Folders animate back to their first page when closed

In iOS 7, folders can contain multiple pages of apps. When closing…

Instacast adjusts playback control colors based on album artwork

Instacast, one of the best podcast players around,¬†got a beautiful redesign for…

iOS 7: Fun with lock screen camera, Notification Center physics

Apple’s focus on depth and animation as interface tools for iOS 7 can present itself in fun ways.

iOS 7: Limit access to specific websites

iOS 7 grows its restrictions abilities for parents to include control over specific websites your kids can visit.