📱 Anti-reminders can help build healthy habits, stick to your values

A way to remind yourself to not do something, break a routine when it’s useful, or build new habits.

Enlight has great video tutorials for turning your photos into art

My go-to photo editing app on iPhone and iPad has some great tutorials for its more interesting tools and techniques.

Things 3 after 5 months

I think I finally found a task app that doesn’t make me turn into a contortionist.

Dropmark is my new service for bookmarks and collecting, sharing neat stuff

I’ve been asked what Dropmark is and how I use it, so here we go. TL;DR: it’s a service for bookmarks, file sharing, and collaboration, and it’s replaced a few things for me. I really like it.

How to bypass Google AMP links with Opener for iOS

I don’t like Google AMP’s “accelerated mobile pages.” It feels like yet…

Tweetbot pro tip: filter your timeline for links, keywords, media, and more (iOS)

A tremendously useful feature in Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad (affiliate link)…

A high-level comparison of Squarespace and Weebly

The services are similar in a number of ways, but I recently decided to give Weebly a shot for for building new company’s site. I’m glad I did.