Calendar for iOS can alert you when it's time to leave for your next event

Events + location – iOS keeping you on time.

El Capitan: Find My Friends is now a Today widget

If picking up your iPhone or iPad to find your friends is…

Yosemite: Use Preview to quickly remove location info from photos

Smartphones usually embed location info when you shoot photos. Preview in Yosemite gained a fast, simple tool for removing it.

iOS 8 now makes sure you know when apps are actively using your location in the background

iOS 8 now displays a colored top bar alert when apps are actively using…

Find My Friends: use labels to find your friends more easily

Find My Friends, which just got a big 3.0 revamp today, has…

Find My Friends can alert you when someone arrives, leaves a location

Find My Friends can alert you when a friend (or child or coworker) arrives at or leaves a location.

OmniFocus for iPhone gets location-based background sync

Automatically sync your tasks and projects when you enter or leave locations.