Google Reader’s death gave life back to RSS newsreaders

In Reader’s absence, the market has flourished with ideas, variety, and potential.

I wish Blendle worked more like a feed reader

I like this attempt at micro-transactions-for-news, but I can’t help but feel it could use a different approach.

The case for newsreaders, but not in their current form

In a time of overwhelming noise and few new options to cut through it, I would argue newsreaders are more valuable than ever. But there is so much more they could do for both publishers and readers.

Newsify for iOS can now download full-text articles

Newsreader innovation has blossomed from the ashes of Google Reader, and Newsify…

Publishers are killing full-content feeds because newsreaders haven’t given them a reason not to

Our newsreaders have improved by leaps and bounds in the past decade, but the feed business hasn’t improved one inch for publishers.

Newsify can download new articles automatically, uses iOS 8 Share Sheet

Newsify’s automatic background sync and fiexible Share Sheet options make it my favorite newsreader right now.

Circa has smart ways to keep you on top of news you care about

Circa is a “personal news wire” that can alert you about topics or even specific stories that you care about.