People don’t tap to focus and other things to learn from MKBHD’s third annual blind smartphone camera comparison

Over the last couple years, Marques Brownlee—MKBHD on YouTube—has ran a blind…

📱 Camera+ 2 can swap between your Lightbox and Photos library

This is a great new way to prevent your photography work from cluttering up the Photos app, and yet still quickly edit images in Photos without much friction.

⌚️ Apple Watch is a great remote trigger, viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera

Take better group and timed photos by using your Apple Watch as a remote trigger.

How to explore mobile photography without cluttering your photos

This is a great way to enjoy the freedom and fun of shooting all you want, without the worry of cluttering up your actual Camera Roll of family, friends, and travel.

iOS 7: Use volume buttons to return to Camera from Camera Roll

If you open the iOS camera, then view the Cameral Roll, press…

KitCam for iPhone can share the original photo or your edited masterpiece

KitCam for iPhone, my favorite photo and video app by a mile,…

Pixelmator’s Effects Browser shows live previews of what effects can do to your images

If you open Pixemator‘s Effects Browser (⌘-3 or View > Show Effects),…