El Capitan: You can now hide your menu bar

In OS X El Capitan, due out this fall and now in…

Yosemite: ‘Automatically join’ wifi setting comes to OS X

Now you can control whether your Mac automatically connects to each wifi network you’ve used in the past.

Mavericks: Do Not Disturb gets more control, schedule options from iOS

In OS X Mavericks, Apple added more control over Do Not Disturb…

An easy way to work around OS X’s Gatekeeper restrictions and open apps you trust (Updated)

By default, OS X restricts the apps it will open to trusted sources. If you need to open a different app, though, there’s an easy workaround that maintains security.

Display Preferences on retina MacBook Pro shows Think Different speech, your wallpaper

On a retina MacBook Pro, the Displays System Preferences pane has some great little details you won’t find on other Macs.

Set a Lock Screen message with a promotion, personal details, whatever you want

Useful to promote yourself or a product while attending a conference, or simply as a basic security precaution.

OS X Mountain Lion shares to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr with style

If you select one or more files in the Finder, right-click, and…