Now that macOS Sierra is out, we now have Siri on the Mac. It’s mostly the Siri you know from iOS, but it has a few unique tricks. To trigger Siri for Mac, hold the Command key and Space bar for a second or two.

One is that you can ask Siri for Mac to help you find specific files, open folders, display the files you worked on last week, or to show the files you’ve shared with a specific contact. Once you learn the proper commands, it’s a really convenient way to work with your files. It’s also something Siri for iOS simply doesn’t do, at least as of version 10.

If you need to perform a certain type of search often, you can also turn the search into a widget for the Today screen. Once you ask Siri a file-related command, top of the search results has a (+) button. Click it, and a live widget of those search results is added to the top of the Today screen.

To access your Today screen, you can click the Notification Center at the right of your Mac’s menu bar. Or, with a MacBook or Apple trackpad, you can swipe left with two fingers from the right edge of the trackpad.