A cohesive iOS 7

For episode seven of the Finer Things Podcast, we wanted to traverse some relatively undiscovered country of iOS 7 and its broader implications. John and I

Getting online while traveling

For the Finer Things podcast episode 6, John and I talked about the ins and outs of trying to get wireless phone and data service while traveling the globe.

Pro App Store models

John and I discuss this morning’s news of Apple releasing Logic Pro…

Newsreaders 2.0

Episode 4 of the the Finer Things podcast is out! For a hair over 20 minutes, John and I discussed what I refer to as “Newsreaders 2.0″—this new generation of tools rising like a phoenix from Google Reader’s soon-to-be ashes. We get into why there seems to be so much interest again in a post-social-media world and what’s different this time around.

Games in transition

In episode 3 of the Finer Things in… podcast, John Morrison and I delved into game consoles—the major releases coming this fall, the transition the industry is fighting tooth and nail, how things will get better, and why we might someday soon be able to actually visit the Mushroom Kingdom. Subscribe via iTunes or the direct feed.

WWDC 2013

For the second Finer Things In episode, John Morrison and I discuss some of the finer details of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and iOS 7, what they mean to each other and Apple’s future. We went a couple minutes over our typical 20 minute limit, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it.

Photojournalism layoffs

Finer Things in Tech now has a podcast, though it might not be about what you think.