Please update your Finer Things in Tech RSS feeds—they’re moving!

Finer Things in Tech is getting a CMS overhaul, and all the feeds are changing. Please (re-)subscribe and tell all your friends and maybe even some strangers too!

Introducing Finer Things in Tech Newsletters

I have some great stuff coming to Finer Things in Tech. This new batch of newsletters is just the first step, let me know what you think!

How do we know if mobile apps are secure? – Scott Hanselman

How do we know if mobile apps are secure? – Scott Hanselman…

Finer Things in Tech Broadcasts – Push Notifications for the best articles and tips (yes, you heard me: articles) is becoming interesting in so many more ways than “a Twitter…

Lots of improvements to Finer Things social links, now allowing affiliate links in post submissions

I’ve wanted to clean up some things around the site and introduce a new perk for people who submit posts, so here we go.

Photojournalism layoffs

Finer Things in Tech now has a podcast, though it might not be about what you think.

Finer News: Updates to RSS feeds, main sections

Google’s been shutting down services in an effort to focus, and one…